What is a dream book? It can be so many things, but at its heart,  it is your handmade book, to reveal and express your dreams, whatever they may be. Stay tuned for upcoming Dream Book events.cropped-belly-tweaked.jpg


Build a Drum!

Crazy Bowling Green State University Students!Hurray! Stan the Drum Man is planning a trip to Orange County! Want to build your own custom, spirit-filled drum? Check out . We are going to add $15-20 per drum to pay for Stan’s travel, since he comes from upstate New York.

If you can spend a moment viewing other drum building workshop websites, you will see that Stan’s drums are beyond beautiful and VERY affordable. Want to build a drum? Email us: or

We will help you!


Sacred Voices

Sacred Voices and Sharing Your Gifts…“I believe the voice is the most sacred tool we have in our possession and to not use it allows us not be our full potential as an expressive form in our  modern world…be the voice you want to hear.”TWA

An Art of Living…a way of seeing, a way of being, an expressive form brought here on earth, on the planet and universe. Nature always replenishes itself to  speak a life of beauty and order, as should we in our daily lives, in our steps of  traveling in our present journey. We are mere reflections waiting to be  ourselves, an echo of creation and truth…a sacred voice…a chime, bell, drum,  violin or cello…our voice celebrates the announcement and acknowledgement  of celebration in words spoken and sung…words spoken from the mouth, the  heart….Sweet Sounds of the Sacred Voices.

Sacred sounds are a celebration of the spirit of life, songs to the souls, the  connective voice that is timeless, void of our emotional attachment carried in  the reservoir of memory. Purification of sound, taking the sounds of the voice  beyond the reactionary echoes and establish a purity,clarity of the vocal  expression, an awakening of the true self. It is not a competition, but a joining  of voices that unites us as a human choir. Everything in the universe is a unique individualization or expression of the One Thing that is Cause, the  maker of all things. The thoughts and sounds we bring to the world are  our gift to the world.

What is the gift that you bring to the world…what is your internal sacred song  that names your voice which exists within the universal world choir and what  story so you want to tell…what chorus and verse do want to sing daily…what is  the phrasing of your lines and do they tell the full story of your heart and soul… image3

it is truly a fertilizer laid upon the holy ground of this earth…is this a story to last  seven generations with its ringing full choruses…what is the reason why you  share your gifts and who will receive them…and will there be love and soul  kisses embedded within the fabric of your stories…will the women carry the  stories in their wombs as the men walk them in their working steps…sharing  your gifts while being your gift…in rituals of words and action…sacred voices  and sharing the gifts of spirit and love. Shall we share the talking stick and  speak the words of our sacred souls.

The words of our dialogue create the truth of our story, holds the  threads of our being that create an unique pathway that leads all of us home to  our own place of belonging  within the slices of life, stepping stones that are  but only the sentences, the paragraphs that make the page which makes the  book of our truth.

Our books and dreams are as sacred as our souls, the threads that keep us within the Circle of Loving…giving love, being love and receiving love. Our art of living must be active and not just reactive. We must sing our songs without ceasing…until the song is heard. And in our song books we have chapters, verses, paragraphs, refrains and choruses…sentences of sighing and releasing.When we know our choruses and refrains, the verses become more clear and more intentional.

And in order to know our story, we must be intimate with ourselves, be willing to reveal ourselves and create an open portal of change, a sift of deeper awareness of mind, body and spirit.

So, what is your story today? Can you take the headlines from the pages our daily newspaper and make a prayer, a poem of being? Can you allow your fears to surface and greet them, sit with them in conversation. Can your story change somebody else’s life…can your story save and change yours?

“To be enslaved is to lose one’s voice within  the world choir.”TWA

Terrell Washington Anansi…Griot…UPcycle Artist of the Human Spirit